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    Currently I am working on a series of new works entitled “Chamber Music”. The inspiration for the pieces was the research done in the 1950’s and 60’s in what was called ‘cloud’ or ‘bubble chambers’.

    The chambers were magnetic vessels filled with liquid hydrogen that were bombarded with highly charged particles from a nuclear accelerator. The resultant collisions between the charged particles and the hydrogen created images on specially treated plates. These images were the first evidence of sub-atomic particles, the real building blocks of creation.

    The trails these particles left on the plates in the nano second of their existence was considered at the time to be the calligraphic equivalent of the signature of God.

    I am fascinated by the eruptive, non-linear power of the images; the way the particles jag, curve, spin out of control, and crash into non-existence. It is as if entire lives were unleashed in an immeasurable shortness of time with all the accidents, joys, misfortunes, and victories happening simultaneously.     


"Chamber Music #1"

"Chamber Music #2"

"Chamber Music #3"

"Chamber Music #4"